Atul Minocha: "Growing up in Delhi, India, I clearly remember my father (a professor at the Delhi School of Economics at the time) telling me 'No one can avoid economics'. As one can surmise, this was targeted at an engineering student who couldn't care less for the so-called social sciences or, heaven forbid, the liberal arts.

As it turns out, when I started my marketing career with Toyota, I realized the strength of my father's statement. For more than 25 years now, I have considered myself a keen student of economics (and other subjects I had long despised). Over the same period, I have also been fortunate to have learnt from very smart people at great companies such as Cummins, Honeywell and Kodak, along with my own entrepreneurial ventures in hospitality, clean energy and alternative investments. I bring my marketing expertise to small and mid-sized companies through Chief Outsiders.

With this eclectic background and my current vocation as an associate professor at a liberal arts college
(editor's comment: "how times change!"), it is only natural that I have been drawn to start and lead CrazEconomics."




Jake Denney: "Growing up, my family and I moved around a lot. My mother is very career driven and we would follow her promotions as she climbed the corporate ladder. We were expats in Europe twice and have lived on both coasts of the U.S, to name a few places. Growing up in a shifting environment has made me outgoing and comfortable with new experiences.

When I came to Sierra Nevada College, I didn't know what I wanted to do or study, but I was sure that it wasn't going to be business. That changed when I took my first Economics course (editor's note: This course was with Atul Minocha). I have since found a passion for Finance & Economics, which is now my major. I expect to graduate in May 2014."





Marcus Plyhr: "I am from Stockholm, Sweden. After moving to America to ski competitively for Sierra Nevada College with a major in Finance, I was able to fine-tune my passion for finance and economics. I now have a strong passion for macroeconomics, political environment and different corporate structures in America.

I am very goal oriented and desire perfection in every aspect of my life. I strongly believe in the motto: Work Hard; Play Hard, which gives me the ability to have fun with the objectives I’m faced with in my daily life. I am very dedicated to my education and work, and am enjoying working with the CrazEconomics team!"





Matea Ferk: "I am from Croatia, a small and young country situated on the Mediterranean Sea. I grew up in Rijeka, a city that has been under Italian influence, where I attended Italian elementary and high school. I have dedicated my entire life to ski racing. I participated in two Winter Olympic Games in Torino and Vancouver, as well as two World Championships.

Coming to the U.S. was a huge change in my life. Besides skiing, I have developed a passion for economics. Sierra Nevada College gave me the opportunity to continue ski racing, while pursuing my passion for economics. I am privileged to be a member of the CrazEconomics team, and enlarge my understanding of the current economic challenges."






Philip Brattström: "I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I have dedicated my entire life into various sports, especially skiing. That changed somewhat when I moved to the States. At Sierra Nevada College I found another passion that involves more cerebral things such as Finance, Investing, and Ski Business.

Swedes are famous for being good looking
(editor's note: "ahem") as well as for our work ethic. I like to see myself as a true Swede. Whatever little I lack in beauty, I make up with hard work.

'Just Do It' is an American trait I will always be grateful to have experienced. While I’m still discovering its true meaning, it helps me by being involved in great projects like CrazEconomics!"





Ricko Eriksson: "I am from a typical (for Sweden, that is) mid-sized town called Borlänge located about two hours north west of Stockholm. My mother is from Guadalajara, Mexico where a lot of my extended family lives.

I grew up with a lot of curiosity and wanting to discuss anything and everything with anyone open to engage in a discussion. This thirst for knowledge brought me to the US where I am studying Economics & Finance at Sierra Nevada College. I discovered early that "economics" encompasses a wide variety of subjects as is obvious from the goals of CrazEconomics.

There is another side of athletic side. Competitive ski racing is a big part of my life. The sport has given me the opportunity to see many places around the world, and I hope to see even more!"





Stine Lunde: "I grew up in Norway, in a town called Jessheim located 30 minutes north of Oslo. Ever since I was able to stand on my own two feet, I was living and breathing for alpine skiing. My dedication to the sport is what brought me to Sierra Nevada College, where I developed additional interest in finance and economics. After a summer internship in the London office of DNB Bank, this interest has now become a passion.

Working with the CrazEconomics team is helping me pursue my passion and develop my understanding of the economic challenges we are facing today. I am excited to be participating in this project to help find possible solutions to our challenges.